About Ocean Springs Marketplace

We Are Local

We love living here...and it shows! Our showroom is home to talented artists, collectors and entrepenuers.

More Than A Store

We have special events every month! Sales, specials, private shows, classes and much more!

We're the Experts

From DIY instructors to artists that can show you how to do things 

you never imagined.


Ocean Springs Marketplace is Open 6 Days a Week! No need to wait for a special weekend!

Ocean Springs Marketplace is so much more than a store.  
It's a destination…..an experience…..a place…..an event.  

It is 9,000 square feet of treasure hunting and creative heaven!  

Ocean Springs Marketplace captures all of the excitement of a vintage street market with multiple vendors, all with their own style and selection. Our Marketeurs (vendors) are from this area, and love to showcase their art, repurposed furniture, unique pottery, handcrafted jewelry, artisan woodturning, and vintage collections...but there's so much more! We also feature wearable works of art and adorable fashions and accessories that you can pack in your suitcase and go!  It's a must-shop if you are traveling!

Many of our Marketeurs are inspired by a love for all things vintage, so you'll find an abundant selection of collectibles and home decor that represent a love for the used, the past, the re-imagined, and the re-inspired. You'll be amazed at how they turn salvaged pieces into art you'll enjoy in a new way! 

Browse our DIY corner, and find unique pieces waiting for your personal touch.

Sign up for one of our art classes and learn everything from glass painting to wreath-making!

 We bring all of these things and more to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  For many of us, this is home….a place where people are just as creative and unique as the items we sell.

Ocean Springs Marketplace is completely Marketeur-run, and combines our passion for creativity, with the joy of working together like one big family!  That's what sets us apart -  one giant, climate-controlled, year round location…..where people can come together and share the experience of finding that special something.

Whether it’s antique furniture painted in a classic color that will become your family's next heirloom, or an industrial table salvaged from an unknown fate, or even an item re-imagined for a purpose it was never intended, this is the essence that makes Ocean Springs Marketplace unique to everyone.

Our Marketeurs are carefully hand-selected, and each brings their own creativity to their offerings. Combined with a
6-days a week market atmosphere, Ocean Springs Marketplace is a refreshing
and fun change of pace from ordinary shopping.

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